June 18th, 2009June 2009

We are still working on a our wireless unit for the MFU-01, we have made some changes to the original prototype too. Also we are testing a add-on module, which will add directional blinking marker lighting effect to the trailer (Thanks to Jerry @ www.mwmodeltrucking.com for the idea).

We are trying to make all our units “Plug and Play” so there should be no need for the use of a soldering iron and no burnt fingers. 😉

We have been getting e-mails regarding the time-scale, for when our units will be on sale, the honest answer is that due to family and work commitments and we are finding it hard to keep the development moving forward at the pace we would like. We are hoping to have more news with dates soon.

We now have 2 testers (Thanks to Ken and Jerry) using our prototype units and working with us to come to a final unit and iron out any bugs.

Here is some more video from Ken (semibigrigger) testing our latest Prototype with some new features.


Video 2

UPDATE – 21/06/09

Here is a new video from Ken, we sent him out some new parts for the wireless unit. He was having some trouble with the wireless comms between the truck and the trailer. Ken’s rig is awesome!!!!!  – I think it could do with a few more LEDs – lol 😉


And here is alittle teaser of our prototype unit under going a bench test 😉 – enjoy

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