Wireless Lights on your Tamiya Truck!

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This project was developed out of our personal frustration, having built a fantastic Tamiya Truck and trailer from scratch, being able to hook up by remote control but then having to manually connect up the lights, it loses the magic!!!

Talking to other people, it seemed that they all had the same thoughts, so we set about thinking/finding a way to resolve the problem, hence SS-tronix was born!!!

The basic idea is that our unit connects to the multi-function unit, then converts a signal into infra-red and transmits to the trailer. The infra-red receiver on the trailer receives the signal and operates the trailer lights.

Our Wireless Lighting kits have been developed to be fully ‘plug and play’ with the Tamiya 1/14 Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control MFU (56511) and designed for use with any custom built truck and trailer.

We have continued development work, which is ongoing, to come up with other add-on boards, to work alongside our standard wireless kit, to enhance the enjoyment /entertainment and realism of your Tamiya model trucks and trailers.

We have also developed some other products, which can also be used, without the SS-Tronix wireless kit.


The Lights In Action! click here for more videos……


Now Available Optional Extras… click here for more information…

  • Add-on Servo Board for your trailer which enables you to use a servo or ESC eg. for a tipper or steering trailer etc.
  • Trailer only kit, for an additional trailer
  • Add-on relay board for truck to wire in additional custom lighting on your truck
  • Marker lights Mixer board to enable you to use the same leds as marker lights(1/2 brightness) and signal lights (full brightness)
  • Plug-in Tx kit to enable you to roadtrain the wireless signal through multiple trailers
  • NEW!! Beacon board Kits – This is a DIY kit, which runs independantly from the wireless kit, so it can be used on any vehicle, regardless of if you have a wireless kit installed, or not.
  • NEW!! Motorised Support Legs Kit works via servo channel, to replace current set-up

In Development

SS-Tronix Development

We are currently working on:

  • Servo switch – Working Unit, now available.
  • Programmable units (for use to make channels multi functional.) – On Hold at this time.
  • Selector Switch



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